[Fanfic][Little Witch Academia] Dialotte World Trigger AU two-shot

Đăng bởi: TheBBWar

Cập nhật: 23-01-2018

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_Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance, Plotless _Disclaimer: I own nothing but the AU settings and headcanons. Everything else belongs to Little Witch Academia of studio Trigger and World Trigger of Daisuke Ashihara. _Summary: This World Trigger AU describes how the characters in Little Witch Academia will be if they live in the world of World Trigger. This story, however, only focus Diana and Lotte as they going to have their first date together. _Pairing: Diana Cavendish x Lotte Yanson (Dialotte) _Writer's note: See at the end of each chapter. Dedicate to Willie Farron as her request. _If you wish to see more information about this AU, please visit the link https://goo.gl/qGM7jP

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